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The Expiration
Joey and Megan


Poor Tony Piza. At 34 years old, a lawyer who’s already burned-out from the emotional toll of handling divorces. As for his personal life, he’s incapable of sustaining a relationship. Why, you ask? Because he can’t get over a young nun he fell in love with when he taught for a year after college.

Clearly this guy’s got enough angst in his life. So when a traitorous former friend resurfaces and asks for help in ending his marriage, you’d think the answer would be simple: drop-kick the guy out of your office.

But when Tony learns the man has two young daughters who need protection from the toxic fallout of a custody battle, he can’t just turn away. So he takes yet another dreaded leap into the combustive world of divorce court.

What could possibly make life more distressful for old Tony? Well, toss in an opposing attorney with a scorched-earth mentality and an exceedingly loose notion of ethics. Add to the mix a growing suspicion that his client may not have been completely up-front with him about his recent past.

Oh, and the young nun? Yeah, about that . . .

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